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General Counseling and Advice

The lawyers at Mathis & Lucas LLP  have been providing counseling and advice to healthcare providers for years. We regularly draft and review all types of vendor and service provider contracts, as well as transfer agreements, physician agreements and employment related agreements including non-compete covenants. We also work closely with healthcare providers on issues ranging from insurance and employee benefits to worker’s compensation issues. Mathis & Lucas LLP provides legal advice and counseling regarding medical issues such as informed consent, do not resuscitate orders, abuse reports and other patient care issues. We provide assistance in responding to third party subpoenas and similar requests for information. Our broad range of experience gives our clients the advantage of an “on call” attorney or in-house counsel, usually available to only larger hospitals.

Health Claim Coverage

Today, many Texas hospitals are choosing to reduce their insurance costs for health care liability and worker’s compensation while exercising more control over their risk. If your facility has considered this greatly improved method to manage and finance medical liability risks, we can help. By introducing self-insured systems, hospitals can purchase less expensive umbrella insurance coverage’s and use their own risk-management and income producing trust funds to cover routine losses. Mathis & Lucas LLP can help you explore these options. Our attorneys recently implemented just such a program for a large not-for-profit North Texas hospital, allowing them to reduce their insurance costs and almost eliminate workers compensation claims.

Board/Administrative Representation

Peer Review/Credentialing